Walkies and Paws

Passionate about animals

Our cat feeding & pet sitting service means that rather than taking your cats to the cattery, we visit your pets in their own home.  This is most suitable for cats in particular as being a territorial animal they dislike leaving their home territory.  This means that they are not disrupted and are much happier & relaxed on your return.

Walkies and Paws will go through your pet's care regime with you and ensure we stick to your pet's normal routine as closely as possible. Your pet will have the food they love and ensure any special dietary requirements are met.. We will also administer any medication to your pet and liaise with your own vet if necessary.

We will also provide the same service for chickens, fish, hamsters, rats - you name it, we can visit. 

The other advantage that our clients like is that we can also keep a check on your house, plants & security at no extra cost whilst you are away. We are more than happy to water plants, bring in the post, switch lights on/off & draw the curtains ensuring your house looks lived in and will give you total peace of mind while you are away.