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The majority of the Walkies and Paws walks are group walks of up to six dogs per walk of similar size, breed and energy levels.

We try to find walks out in the countryside where dogs can be off lead (at the clients' agreement) and are free to run around and enjoy the local fields and rivers and return home as very tired and happy pooches.  It is a brilliant opportunity to socialise your dog and they love seeing their furry friends each day.  As dogs are pack animals, they tend to stick together and form their own close group. 

The pack walks run throughout the day but the most popular ones are in the morning and at lunchtime so please book early if you want to get your dog on one of these group walks. 

The walks tend to be 45-60 minutes depending on the weather and pack temperament and there will be travel time in the van depending on the number of pick ups and drop offs.  So your pooches can be out and about with us for up to two hours.  

We have lovely air conditioned vans with secure crates so that each dog has its own space. 

If you are interested then please make contact and we will arrange a pre-visit to meet you and your fur baby to chat through your requirements. 

** All dog on our walks must have a full vaccination history – we will provide forms for this **

** Due to the nature of some dogs being nervous or not socialised with other dogs we require an evaluation and pre visit which is  free of charge**

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As a rule we will not walk intact boys on group walks as they can cause too much disruption with other dogs in the pack.  We will walk them on a 121 basis.

If your girl is in season we have to make sure that they are safely kept apart from other dogs and will sometimes have to move them on to different or individual walks.